It’s no secret that the Queer Arts scene is lacking in Birmingham, although this year that seems to be changing. With the rise of nights like Glitter Shit and Second Self, Queer Arts is definitely on the cusp of having it’s heyday. But with the rising popularity of RuPaul’s drag race, Queer Arts are no longer a thing to be enjoyed solely by the gay community; it’s now a generationally appreciated thing.
Enter SHOOK, whose creators only had two goals, to create a space that was safe for any kind of expression, and have it at an accessible place.

Far from the sometimes exclusive and judgmental gay village, on the night of the 20th of January we took to Spotlight in Digbeth for one of the best nights we’ve ever had in Birmingham. This month’s Guilty Pleasure edition had us teaming with excitement as the DJ played everything from Rihanna to Die Antwoord and performances from the amazing drag acts that had us doing everything from dancing insanely to spinning under the confetti cannon.

SHOOK is a hub for art lovers, students, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike, all coming together to have conversations about the future of Queer Arts in Birmingham. We can’t wait to check out the performers next month when Michael Reynolds, Anna Lies and Boo Sutcliffe will be back to love us, and leave us waking up the following day eating crab terrine in bed and feeling SHOOK.

Make sure you check out SHOOK’s Facebook page to find out about the next event

About The Author

Rico Johnson-Sinclair has studied Production for Live Events and Television at University of the Arts London and is passionate about all aspects of performance and live events. He can be seen dancing at the local watering hole regularly.