Beautiful Thing 2015 Sam Jackson & Charlie Brooks 3 – photographer Anton Belmonte

Review: Beautiful Thing

"A leopard never changes its spots and a slapper never changes her knickers" - some sound advice from your not-so-typical mother, Sandra, played by Charlie Brooks. First performed over 20 years a go, Jonatha...
Cirkopolis - Birmingham Hippodrome

Review: Cirkopolis

Canada’s Cirque Éloize serves up a mesmerising blend of circus arts, music, dance and comedy in the awe-inspiring and dream-like, Cirkopolis at the Birmingham Hippodrome this week. The show transports the au...

Review: The Magic Flute

‘Is it real or all just a dream?’ asks Tamino, not long after being attacked by a giant lobster and shortly before drawing the attention of a newspaper-reading lion. The world in which The Magic Flute takes pla...
Coppélia - photo Andrew Ross 2

Review: Coppélia

There can be few beginnings more iconic than the turning of a storybook’s pages at the opening of a cherished childhood film. This is precisely the world of nostalgia Coppélia conjures, presenting a title scree...
In the Upper Room; Momoko Hirata with Artists of Birmingham Royal Ballet; photo Roy Smiljanic

Review: Moving Stateside

Birmingham Royal Ballet launched its first season of the year last night with a wonderfully varied triple bill. The title, ‘Moving Stateside’, describes how the opener, George Balanchine’s 1934 Serenade, was th...