Things slow down here just enough for our heroes to find their footing. We also learn of a potential weakness, a proverbial Glowing Red Spot for our righteous duo, and the fact that its revelation troubled me so much is a testament to how effective the art and storytelling have wedded my heart to the characters.

Separated, Armano and Gogor must reunite with Wexil and his air-balloon pilot comrades.

Some of the panels here, namely those with Gogor and Armano aboard the crystal skiff, are some of the most attractive I’ve come across in comics recently.

The cover for issue #3 promises a confrontation between Gogor and Amphax, and you couldn’t be disappointed in the delivery if you tried.

No spoilers but, I mean, when I tell you that the panel where Amphax calls our botanical beastie “Fern Face” in the middle of a titanic slug-fest isn’t even the most grin-inducing moment in the book, you should know what to do.

And what you should do is buy and read GOGOR #3.

Please. Really. I want Keith Garing to keep making this weird, Hanna-Barbera-esque Fantasy comic until I die of old age and Image is gonna need to see the sales to justify it.

Gogor #3 can be picked up from your local comic book store now or ordered from the Image Comics website.

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