This issue is a lot less about Gogor kicking ass and a lot more about how the version of civilization you and I allow to exist sucks absolute shit. 

When the government finally catches me, you can tell them I was radicalized by the dialogue between a boy wearing a frog as a hat and a pig-merchant in Gogor #4.

Our boy Armano, having reunited with a friend thought lost, explores a sky-island of animal people, where he is educated on the basic tenets of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s anarchism by a sheep-man. 

In a refreshing development, we learn that it isn’t only the Domus themselves that lay claim to material worship and violent domination. The villain may not be a single organization or creed, but a virulent way of thinking; the fatal strain of contagious disharmony that results in a paradoxical de-evolution of cultures, a sloughing away from the sturdy bones of community and nature toward the slow decay of cities and walls. A turtle-man explains economics in a way that makes you want to run away from this inane rat race and live in the woods. I mean, like, even more than you do already.

Because the evil doesn’t come from without. It comes from within. It doesn’t come from disruption to a system. It comes from systems themselves. Heavy shit for a comic that’s basically a Saturday morning adventure cartoon. And I mean that in the best way.

I mean it when I say this issue will read you and me and all of Western Civilization to absolute filth and you’ll love every second of it. By the time it’s over, if you aren’t ready to go live in an anarchist commune in the mountains of North Carolina, you need to read it again. 

But, at the same time. I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong. 

I mean. Did you see the red cube?

Gogor #4 can be picked up from your local comic book store now or ordered from the Image Comics website.

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Pierce Skinner lives in Richmond, VA, USA with his wife and four cats. He is aware that this is far too many cats, he simply does not care. He's come too far now, with the whole cat-rescue thing and it's too late to turn back. When he's not writing or reading comics, he can likely be found bartending, exploring the local abandoned iron works looking for Mothman (just to talk, for real, not to catch him or anything), or hanging out at his local blues bar arguing with strangers about Star Wars. He is also an author of short horror fiction, and his stories can be found at PseudoPod, LampLight Magazine, Aurealis, and others.