Do you think you could survive in a world that sees you as an abomination? Would you be able to hold onto your humanity after undergoing a cursed transformation? Well, nows your chance in Cursed Classes for Dungeons and Dragons 5E.

Brought to you by some of the DM Guild’s top authors, including Isaac MayAlex ClippingerBryan HolmesRyan LangrJacob S KelloggAshley May and Matthew Whitby, Cursed Classes turns some of D&D’s most fearsome monsters into playable characters. But these new powers and abilities come at a cost, testing a player’s morality, which could even result in the rest of the party turning against you.

Bitten by a vampire lord, will you choose to follow the same path and drink the blood of innocents, or will you resist, feasting only on those you feel deserve it? Scratched by a Werewolf, will you lose control and embark on a bloody rampage during the full moon, or will you keep your humanity?

The 71-page supplement features:

  • 6 Brand NEW Classes!
  • Over 20 NEW Subclasses!
  • 3 Backgrounds that can fit a Cursed Class into any campaign!
  • Great roleplay tools to get you in the game as a level 1 Cursed Class or a fresh new multiclass!
  • Bound Spirit: Your spirit has been bonded to a suit of armor, or a golem form. Power your way through any danger. Keep your new body in good shape and you have nothing to fear!
  • Floraspawn: Nature courses through you. You have been reborn through the will of the myconid colony, forest or jungle floor. As long as your commune with the natural world, you will revel in your new found power.
  • Lich: Time waits for no one. You have research that needs to continue at any cost. Undeath by choice, or perhaps not. Either way you have conquered the one thing that would have eventually held you back: death itself.
  • Lycanthrope: The moon becons you. The changes in your body can be controlled. Embrace your beastial side and protect those you care about, or tear your enemies limb from limb.
  • Revenant: Rise from your grave! Nothing will stop you on your quest for vengeance. You are the apex predator, the pinnacle hunter. You will not relent until your quest is complete. When finished, you know there will be so much more to do.
  • Vampire: Decadence or endless service? The choice is yours! Nurture yourself through the blood of the fallen, or drive those before you and feast like never before. Give in to your cravings or resist them as the deadliest of beings.

Cursed Classes is a truly fantastic supplement that lets players embark down a dark path, scratching that itch that has often had people pondering ‘What if…?’. Whether you’re working on a new nightmarish campaign or want just a sprinkle of darkness in an existing one, this supplement gives both players and DMs exactly what they need.

Cursed Classes is available on DMs Guild right now for just $12.95. Having a copy myself, the most difficult thing is deciding exactly what class to try first.

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