Join Birmingham Gaymers – a safe space for LGBTQ+ gamers

With many of us looking to put lockdown and 12 months of isolation behind us, getting out and about to see people has been top of the agenda.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely out of practice with meeting people, which can be daunting at the best of times, let alone after you’ve been in your house for what seems an infinite amount of time.

During lockdown, I threw a lot of my time (and money) into board games and RPGs and while it’s great having an ever-expanding collection, it’s not so great when you haven’t got groups of people to play with. So, I thought, why not just set one up?

My question… would people be interested in joining a Birmingham Gaymers group, a safe place for LGBTQ+ and allies to meet up, find and make new friends, play board games and RPGs, talk, drink, stream and everything else between?

This idea is at the moment, just that, an idea. But it would be great to see if this could become a reality and if people would like to actually do it.

Right now, I want to see if people would be interested and if we have some numbers, we can make this actually happen, perhaps at a venue (or venues) in Birmingham City Centre.

If you’re interested, pop your email address down below and hopefully, I’ll be in contact soon. If you could help spread the word as well, that would be fantastic!

Birmingham Gaymers

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