The House On The Hill was shown at The Old Stock Joint for one night only before heading to the Edinburgh Fringe festival later this year.

A dark comedy with laughs a plenty, this show is quite unlike anything I have ever seen before and I doubt I will ever see the likes of it again.

The story follows an American family moving to a remote house with a dark past. It’s fast paced with ample scene changes, 25 plus character’s, minimal props and yet is performed by only two guys. Somehow Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding, the talented duo that are LoveHard manage to convey a crowded pier scene and a seance featuring 6 people not only with convincing ease but with a lot of humour too. Character changes are signaled with one word, whissh. A blanket was all that was needed to convey the parents in bed before things went bump in the night, no need for extensive set changes. The host of characters portrayed by these two talented and likeable young men are effortless and convincing.

Not only was I mightily impressed with the acting, considering that at some parts both Jacob and Tyler could be playing up to three characters each at the same time, never once did they get the character and the lines spoken out of synchronisation, but I also loved the writing. The story although dark was a real laugh out loud comedy. Throw in a few visual jokes to keep their sharp humour company and even some goosebumps just to keep the audience thoroughly entertained.

All round a great night’s entertainment from two very talented young men. If you get a chance to see this I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Written by Julie Wallis 

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