Everyone knows the Beatles. I’ll happily sing along to their songs on the radio but wouldn’t necessarily declare myself a die hard fan. So when the chance to review Let it Be popped in to my inbox I was intrigued. Did I know enough Beatles tunes to keep me dancing in my seat or would the novelty wear off? Was it something only the generation before me could enjoy? I’m happy to say that all these fears were completely misguided: this show left me with a huge smile on my face; screaming for more as the Fab Four waved us off!

Rather than a traditional plot based musical, the show bills itself as a ‘musical experience.’ Your chance to get up close with the legendary band and experience the ultimate greatest hit concert. The focus here is completely on the music but through extremely clever use of original video footage, staging and special effects It takes us from the early days in the Cavern Club to the ‘Sergeant Pepper…’ era and beyond. The experience is truly immerse: keeping you swaying along with slow songs (Hey Jude, Let it Be) and on your feet for upbeat numbers (Twist and Shout had the whole crowd dancing along). One special performance to watch out for is Lucy in the Sky Diamonds: the light show has you completely mesmerised and on a hippy trip of your very own!

As for the cast of 5; each member completely shone in their roles. Ian Garcia’s Paul McCartney was spot on while Reuvon’s Gershon’s comic moments as John Lennon had the audience in fits of laughter.

Let it Be is bringing the timeless music of the Beatles to a new generation. Whether you are young or old, a devoted fan or a casual listener-there’s something for everyone here. It genuinely doesn’t matter if you know each song off by heart or only know a few of the obvious classics; I can guarantee that this musical will leave you wanting more.

Let It Be is at the Birmingham Hippodrome until the 30th April.

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