People across the globe have their own interpretations of heaven, hell and the afterlife, however last night saw the première of one choreographer’s own version, as she too delved into the fiery pits of hell and transcended the tranquil planes of heaven.

There Is Hope is a new and rather hard hitting performance piece from the Rosie Kay Dance Company, commissioned by DanceXchange. The piece, which had its premiere in Birmingham last night draws upon the personal hardships and triumphs of the company as they tell the story of this incredible journey through the afterlife utilising dance and music.

The performers begin their story in the real world before rapidly descending into hell, wandering the in-between in purgatory and finally reaching a euphoric state in heaven.

Providing a thought-provoking evening, Rosie Kay’s latest piece embraces her multi-disciplinary style of choreography, diverse collaborations and eclectic mix of visual media, leaving the audience with more questions about their own self-belief. A must see for anyone who is interested spirituality and religious iconology.

There is Hope continues its tour at venues across the UK throughout October and November before returning in Spring 2013.

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