Kickstarter: Planeswalkers Playmats by Aleksi Briclot

Fans of Magic: The Gathering rejoice! A brand new campaign has hit Kickstarter giving players the opportunity to get their hands on a series of stunning new playmats designed by Aleksi Briclot, the designer of the first five Planeswalkers.

Chandra, Liliana, Jace, Ajani and Garruk were released in 2007, in the new Lorwyn setting of Magic: The Gathering. Since then, Planeswalkers have become the face of the game and a staple of each new set. A huge part of the credit for the community’s embrace of planeswalkers goes to Aleksi, who designed these iconic characters and ushered in a brand new era in the history of Magic: the Gathering.

Each playmat depicts a different Planeswalker from Aleksi’ iconic artworks. It has been extended and reworked to fit this panoramic frame. Aleksi worked to keep the spirit of the original artworks in a whole new composition, designed for the playmats’ dimensions.

A playmat dimension are 23 7/8 x 13 1/2 inches, or 60.6425 cm x 34.29cm. They are made in the Ultrapro factory based in the USA. 

There are five backing tiers for the campaign.

  • £34 – One playmat of your choosing
  • £65 – Two playmats of your choosing
  • £92 – Three playmats of your choosing
  • £117 – Four playmats of your choosing
  • £138 – The entire collection fo five playmats

We’ve been fortunate enough to get our hands on a sample of the Liliana playmat (of course the best one!). The quality of these mats is fantastic and the artwork is seriosuly out of this world. Whether you use Planeswalkers in your games or not, these mats really will make your opponent jealous and who knows, maybe they’ll be so distracted by the detail that they don’t pay attention to the game.

You have until Wednesday 27 April to back the campaign on Kickstarter. There will be no Late Pledge Manager and there will be only one print run of the mats, meaning once they’re gone, they are gone! Head over to the Planeswalkers Playmats by Aleksi Briclot campaign page now.