Across Birmingham this December, people will be invited to take part in a unique creative experiment. Birmingham Cathedral, with churches and people of all faiths and none, and in partnership with University College London (ICRI Cities and UCLIC), are working across the city asking people in six different neighbourhoods to contribute to a new installation which will light up, first, their own community and then, Cathedral Square. measures of us aims to creatively and visually start conversations between different parts of the city at the beginning of winter; to find more opportunities to talk and be with neighbours, to celebrate common experiences and openly acknowledge, discuss and respect differences.

From Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December, small electronic voting boxes will appear across parts of the city in locations such as hairdressers, grocers, community centres and libraries, asking people to answer a different question each day. Questions will be broad in subject but simple to answer, such as ‘Have you laughed today?’ and ‘Are you looking forward to next year?’ People will be given three options to answer the questions via the voting boxes – by pressing one of a choice of three buttons – ‘yes agree’, ‘neutral’ and ‘no disagree’.

Each day’s findings will be displayed in the community as large eight foot tall artworks by Redhawk Logistica, inspired by cricket scoreboards. The results will be revealed by people shining a bright light, such as a torch or camera flash, onto their reflective surface, to activate the responses to the day’s question.

The project will culminate after dark on Saturday 3 December, with a chance to see the whole city story as all six display boards come together to create a spectacular installation in Cathedral Square. Visitors will be able to answer questions themselves and find out how others are feeling as the boards get updated throughout the evening.

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