It’s nothing new to say that Birmingham’s music scene is a varied one. With reggae stars UB40 and heavy metal band Judas Priest being just two of the names calling our fair city home, Birmingham certainly has an interesting history.

This month The Drum Arts Centre explores a very specific part of that history in a new exhibition entitled Sound System Culture: Birmingham. The exhibition and sound installation documents Birmingham’s rich history of reggae sound systems, through photographs, audio recordings, archive film footage and a range of other iconic memorabilia.

Visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to interact with the Heritage HiFi, a vintage-style sound system custom-built for the project, consisting of a record deck, amps and speaker boxes.

Was there ever a better time to get the old vinyls out?

Sound System Culture: Birmingham runs 6 August – 7 September 2015 at The Drum Arts Centre. For more information visit

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