LGBTQ+ Graphic Novel Roundup: September 2022

If you’re after some queer representation in your graphic novels, Proud Geek Store are back with another list of new releases for September, each featuring LGBTQ+ protagonists and narratives.

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Magical Boy Vol. 2 by The Kao

1 Sep 2022 – Scholastic US

LGBTQ+ Rep: Trans Men


Although he was assigned female at birth, Max is your average trans man trying to get through high school as himself. But on top of classes, crushes, and coming out, Max’s life is turned upside down when his mom reveals an eons-old family secret: he’s descended from a long line of Magical Girls tasked with defending humanity from a dark, ancient evil!

Space Trash Vol. 1 by Jenn Woodall

06 Sep 2022 – Oni Press

LGBTQ+ Rep: Queer Women


In 2115, Earth has been abandoned as a lost cause and mankind has moved on to space colonization. At a decrepit high school on the moon for underprivileged youth, Stab, Yuki and Una are three teenagers who try to keep their boredom and resentment at bay by fighting rival gangs and cliques, hanging out, sleeping their way through class, all while trying to avoid punishment from the Student Council.

Doughnuts and Doom by Balazs Lorinczi

6 Sep 2022 – Top Shelf Productions

LGBTQ+ Rep: Queer Women


When Margot meets Elena, emotions run high, magic is in the air, and doughnuts… float? One is a stressed-out witch trying to get her potions business off the ground, the other is a struggling rock musician whose band is going nowhere. Neither of them are having a good time! No wonder things quickly escalate from words to literal sparks flying when they first meet. Could this be the start of a delicious new relationship…or is a bad-luck curse leading them to certain doom?

Tragic by Dana Mele

15 Sep 2022 – Legendary Comics

LGBTQ+ Rep: Queer Women


A contemporary re-telling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – after her father Hamilton Hayes dies a mysterious and tragic death, Harper Hayes is convinced that he was murdered and her first suspect is her uncle Clayton, who has been sleeping with her mother, Greta. With the help of her ex-girlfriend Talia and her best friend (sometimes with benefits) Holden, Harper is determined to find her father’s killer.

Fangs Vol. 2 by Billy Balibally

27 Sep 2022 – Tokyopop Press Inc

LGBTQ+ Rep: Queer Men


As the sole survivor of a vampire attack, En wakes up to find that his hair has gone white as snow… and, worse, that he’s developed a craving of his own for blood. Fortunately, the vampire health and welfare organization FANGS is there to help with the transition, and the handsome Ichii steps up as his guardian and mentor. 

Cats and Sugar Bowls by Yukiko

13 Sep 2022 – Seven Seas Entertainment

LGBTQ+ Rep: Queer Women


A beautiful collection of sweet and provocative yuri romances.Want a little spice with your sugar? Cats and Sugar Bowls serves up nine bite-sized tales about love between women. Rena and Sanae are like a pair of naughty kitties who act far more innocent than they really are. Touka, while looking for a lover willing to indulge her more extreme BDSM fantasies, runs into her boss at a bondage club. All these delights and more await!

The Passion Of Gengoroh Tagame, Vol. 2 by Gengoroh Tagame

6 Sep 2022 – Fantagraphics

LGBTQ+ Rep: Queer Men


In this unabashedly adult collection of BDSM comics, Tagame serves up what his fans love best: elaborate, sensational, beautifully rendered erotica. The book features a treasure trove of long and short stories previously unpublished in English and original essays and an exclusive new interview with the internationally renowned cartoonist. Featuring intense, explicit, over-the-top scenes of BDSM between hypermasculine men, The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame is a must-have for Tagame fans as well as fans of “Bara” manga and bear cultures in general.

The Summer You Were There Vol. 1 by Yuama 

6 Sep 2022 – Seven Seas Entertainment

LGBTQ+ Rep: Qusjeer Women


A love story between two high school girls as they try to gather ideas for a romance novel- destined to be a modern yuri classic! Shizuku is a shy high school girl who hardly talks to other people. Instead, she loses herself in writing, crafting a novel that she never plans to show anyone. But when her cute, popular classmate Kaori gets her hands on Shizuku’s book, everything changes! Kaori is a huge fan, and suggests that, in order to give Shizuku material for her next book, the two of them should start dating!