Okay. Listen to me. Just listen.

Remember in cartoons when like, He-Man would beat up a bunch of robots or whatever and then roll them into a semi-conscious ball and hurl them past the horizon? You know that thing? You do. You know it. Don’t lie to me.

It happens, here. No spoilers, but. If you need to know anything about Gogor #2, it’s that. Because if you’re the person that read that and said “Aw, sick! For real? I gotta see this!” then you’re gonna pick yourself up a copy. If you read it and said “I dunno, man. That isn’t really my thing. I like guys with guns and I like it when Batman kills people,” then this isn’t really for you. Don’t know what to tell you.

If you still need more info, fine. I’ll give it to you. But the rolling-the-battered-goons-into-a-ball trope really should’ve done it for you.

We get a glimpse, this issue, of the power behind the Domus war-machine, namely a guy named General Magus, who looks like some kind of heavy metal biker god. His heavy, a giant snake man named Amphax, is awesome. He’s got a skull for a belt buckle.

Armano and his ragtag team of whimsical, Jim Henson-esque anarchists—Mesmer, the titular Gogor, and blue-lizard cartographer Wexil—are en route to a spooky swamp. Amphax is in pursuit.

But, let’s get back to Amphax. Oh my god, Amphax. Listen to me. Amphax is the coolest, okay?. He has a rhyming taunt chant like Team f*cking Rocket. He is powerful. He is evil. He plays the flute.

There is lore, here, too, and more chewable nuggets of political philosophy are scattered through the troubled, blotted history of Altara.

New characters. Powerful magic. Crystal castles.

The world is further fleshed. The quest is given shape and form.

And also, Gogor rolls up those goons into a ball and chucks them.

Gogor #2 is not to be missed and can be picked up from the Image Comics website or from your local comic book store.

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