Well. Goddamn it.

A beautiful issue, filled with reunions and cool new friends like the mighty Volcrans and the timid Upsapondians, we are also treated to our hero Armano’s first use of nature magic. Even Gogor is impressed.

Alas, this seems to be the end of the road for Keith Garing’s vision. At least for now.

Honestly, it figures. This has happened quite a bit, in my history with Image Comics. My heart was broken by the premature death of Dark Engine back in 2015. And it has been freshly torn open once again.

It’s more than worth the read, and especially worth it for the author’s heartfelt thanks and a stirring plea for the soul of independent storytelling in a world dominated by red cubes and crystal plates.

Gogor will be missed. But, like the legend states, he rises through the ages in different forms, and I sincerely hope that I find him swelling from the moss soon, somewhere else, somehow.

Gogor #5 can be picked up from your local comic book store now or ordered from the Image Comics website.

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