Spawn 303

Review: Spawn #303

Spawn re-unites with old friends…er…foes…and a lot seems to have happened since the story I remember. People from the past show up, along with faces I’m less than familiar with, but they’re all great.

That being said, this issue walks me through it as I go, giving me more than enough to understand and ease into this new world of hell-slingers and symbiotes.

Spawn has a Spawn Cave now, which comes with his very own Spawn Computer. I’m used to him on a garbage throne in an alley in the bowery, so this is new for me. I like the Spawn Cave. It does not, unfortunately, have a Spawnmobile. Yet. I’m holding out hope. 

I know comic books get a lot of shit–and rightly so–for the costumes worn by their women. But there is a guilty, childish glee in knowing that McFarlane’s designs haven’t been updated to fit modern trends or critiques. The outfits are still crafted with the loving attention to detail that a teenager with a hard-on and a pair of scissors might have. Take it or leave it, the man sticks to his guns while Alexander’s delivery does, in fact, bear a bit more modesty and tact than the 90’s ever bothered itself with.

Anyway, Spawn and Lady-Spawn have to go break into the Vatican’s catacombs to free Medieval Spawn from captivity. It kicks absolute ass.

This issue is fun as hell, and it has done more to get me back into a character than anything has in years.

Again, if you miss Spawn—hell, if you miss fun, loud, concise superhero stories, do yourself a favor and pick up Spawn #303. I, for one, am thrilled to be back.

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