Roll the Damn Dice

Step Out From the Ashes as Roll the Damn Dice begin new campaign

Redemption and failure are on the cards for the brand new Dungeons and Dragons campaign from the team at Roll the Damn Dice as they introduce a host of new characters as well as perhaps a few familar ones too.

Connor, Stephen, Luke, Paul, Moa and Joy-Amy are back with a brand new live stream and group of misfits.

Despite their own goals, be that for better or worse, the band of heroes have a bigger purpose this campaign, which will no doubt be revealed shortly. First things first though, the group will have to find a way to regain the use of certain limbs and their magical abilities (that’s all we’re saying for now as we’re avoiding spoilers!).

To give you a headstart on the campaign, the team have done a handy little prelude, introducing their characters, which you can watch below.

From the Ashes streams live on YouTube and Twitch on Sundays at 7pm GMT. You can watch it on catch-up if you miss the stream or if you’re on the move, you can listen to the Podcast, which is released the Friday after each stream.