Christmas Gift Guide…for the players

Finding that perfect gift for the gamer in your life can be a tough one, particularly during a lockdown when most shops are closed.

Thankfully, the internet is packed full of designer-makers selling some truly stunning gaming equipment and accessories. We’ve collated some ideas from our favouite sellers, that we’re sure will add that little extra sparkle to that special someone’s game.

Field Notes – 5e Character Journals

These fantastic journals have been designed specifically with Dungeons and Dragons 5e in mind. Forget drawing out tables and printing countless character sheets off, keep all your notes in one place with these handy Field Notes.

Sold by the lovely folks at Gametee, each pack includes two Character Journals with blood-red French Paper Co covers featuring data, tables, and diagrams for reference.

The pages contain tables, charts, and fields for every character feature, feat, ability and spell and more, including:

  • Character Elements
  • Race Details / Ancestry Details
  • Personality Traits / Bonds / Ideals / Flaws
  • Background / Backstory
  • Class / Subclass / Class Table / Character Stats
  • Attacks / Spellcasting / Languages / Ammunition
  • Spellcasting Table / Favorite and Frequent Spells
  • Proficiencies and Skills
  • Equipment / Money / Treasures
  • Downtime and Leisure Activity Tracking
  • Character Level Notes
  • Allies / Hirelings / Sidekicks
  • Faction Details
  • Campaign Quotes and Notes
  • Behind-the-Scenes / Thoughts / Theories
  • Session Log

Buy 2-pack of Field Notes for £12.99 from Gametee.

Folding Dice Tray

When you’re managing inspiration, sneak attacks and fireballs, there’s more often than not a lot of dice involved, which can be problematic if you haven’t got much space to play in. This is precisely where DnDice’s Folding Dice Tray comes in handy.

Available in a multitude of different colours, the folding dice tray is the perfect way to keep your rolls on the table and off the dungeon map.

Made from black PVC leather, these sturdy trays can fold down to take up less space than an A4 page (270mm by 190mm), meaning you can easily store it in your gaming folder when not in use and for easy transportation.

Buy a Folding Dice Tray for £12.95 from DnDice

Critit Dice

There are an untold number of dice creators out there, some are truly stunning, others not so much. A firm favourite of ours, particulalry if you’re about to embark on a themed campaign and are looking for a set on a budget are Critit’s Spirit of… series.

At the moment there are 10 different collections available, however the ones we’ve gone for in the past are Spirit of the Animal which come in all manner of colours. With so much choice though, which one do you go for? Well, why not grab a selection.

The RPG Set of 7 includes a complete set of seven dice, one each of D20, D12, D10, D10, D8, D6 and D4. The animals you will receive are totally random but will contain no duplicates.

Trapped in a translucent die, two colour swirls represent the spirit trapped within. Each dice has a gold spirit animal as the highest number with the exception of the d4 which has the highest as a symbol to also present the animal.

The Dice RPG Set of 7 Spirit of Animal costs £12 and can be purchased exclusively from Critit.

The Ulitmate RPG Character Backstory Guide

Picking the class, stats and equipment for a character may seem all that you need to embark on a brand new campaign, but one element that many, including myself, struggle with is the creation of that character’s backstory.

While there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned cliche, like dead parents or no memory of your past, there’s so much more that can be done to create a character that can be interwoven within the plot of a new campaign – the Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide can help you with just that!

So, what sort of things should you think about? Just how evil is she? What does his dating profile look like? Where did she get that scar? What does he want for his birthday? With fill-in-the blank narratives, prompts, and fun activities to help you customize your character at the start of the game, or build out your backstory as you play, The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Book will help you fully imagine your character and bring them to life for the ultimate gaming experience!

The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Book is £7.78 and can be purchased from Amazon.