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Fight the minions of chaos in Hellboy: The Board Game

After what can only be described as an astounding run on Kickstarter, in which it raised more than $2 million, Hellboy: The Board Game is now available both online and in stores worldwide.

Mantic Games in partnership with Dark Horse Comics have brought Mike Mignola’s visionary Hellboy universe to life in a truly co-operative experience in which players face off against some of Hellboy’s most notorious foes. Up to four people take control of iconic B.P.R.D. members – Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman and Johann Kraus – before exploring gothic locations, uncovering ancient artefacts and battling against the minions of chaos.

Hellboy is the child of the demon Azzael and the witch Sarah Hughes, a former B.P.R.D. agent and the unwilling Harbinger of the Apocalypse, Anung Un Rama.

The creature which would become known as Hellboy first appeared the night of December 23, 1944, when the evil mystic Grigori Rasputin summoned Hellboy to Earth with the help of the Third Reich.

Baby Hellboy appeared miles away in a churchyard in East Bromwich, England where he met a crack team of American soldiers lead by 1st Sgt. George Whitman sent to investigate the mysterious Nazi ritual.

They were accompanied by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.), Professor Malcolm FrostLady Cynthia Eden-Jones, and the Torch of Liberty, a WWII-era costumed superhero.

Bruttenholm befriended the creature, christening him Hellboy. The child was raised in secret by the U.S. government and trained to be a paranormal investigator.

Taken from www.hellboy.fandom.com

Featuring stunning, pre-assembled plastic miniatures, Mantic Games has worked closely with Mignola to ensure the gaming pieces accurately capture the look and feel of the source material. What’s more, games designers James M. Hewitt and Sophie Williams from Needy Cat Games have created a tabletop experience that blends tense exploration with spectacular combat.

Hellboy: The Board Game is available in stores now. For more information visit www.manticgames.com