Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions

Wahammer Age of Sigmar: Champions launches

The wait is finally over – PlayFusion in partnership with Games Workshop has released the eagerly awaited Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Trading Card Game.

Having had the opportunity to play a few games of Warhammer Champions at UK Games Expo earlier this year, I’ve been rather excited to get my hands on a deck or two, and this weekend I popped down to my local Warhammer store and bagged a few.

Building upon PlayFusion’s highly successful Lightseekers model, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions lets players customise¬†and command a line-up of champions in duels against opponents. The quick and tactical game relies on skill and knowledge of units, spells and abilities. By exploiting innovative game mechanics, including rotating cards that change each turn and undertaking quests to unlock blessings that boost power, players can take their favourite champions into TCG battle.

The trading card game features 278 collectable cards, allowing players to take command of one of four powerful factions; Chaos, Death, Destruction and Order.

Alongside the physical game, players can download the Champions App that serves as a precursor to the full digital game and immediately enables players to scan and claim their physical cards as well as apply for early access to the digital game beta.

Trading card games have undergone a bit of a rebirth as of late, with Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon dominating the market. Warhammer Champions could be a new contender though. Not only does it appeal to TCG players, but it’s also rather attractive to Warhammer players, like myself. While there are only four factions available at the moment, there is definite scope for the game to become a true deck-building pass-time, allowing players to combine any number of units, spells and abilities.

I’ve only played a couple of games, but so far I like what I’ve seen. It’s a big shift from Magic: The Gathering, which I also play, but that really isn’t a bad thing

For more information on Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions and to see where your nearest stockist is,  visit www.warhammerchampions.com