Warhammer Underworlds

Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm reveal

This weekend, the Warhammer Community team took to Twitch to preview Season 4 of the Warhammer Underworlds series – Direchasm – as well as two new warbands featuring Slannesh and Lumineth Realm Lords.

Coming December 2020, Direchasm is the next installment of the Underworlds series and based on the previews, looks rather fantastic. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of Beastgrave, the previous season release, but number 4 brings with it some exciting new minis and of course nasty tactics.

New to Warhammer Underworlds are the Lumineth Realm-lords – Myari’s Purifiers have come to pacify the anguish of the tormented mountain. Featuring four strong fighters, each with their own strengths, they’re a warband that can do everything – they’ve got magic, ranged attacks, and two different styles of powerful melee.

They’ve brought along fancy headgear, pet rocks, an owl… and each includes their very own tiny tree! These stunning designs take the established Lumineth Realm-lords aesthetic and add to it in new and interesting ways.

While the Purifiers want to calm Beastgrave, the Dread Pageant seeks to draw strength from its pain. The dark mirror to the Lumineth fighters, these mortal followers of Slaanesh also feature four fighters with very different play styles, making for an aggressive and flexible warband with a twist. Their deck includes loads of ways to manipulate enemy fighters, and your own warriors will Inspire when they inflict AND receive wounds! What could be more thematic?

These models represent something we haven’t seen yet: a new look for Slaanesh-worshipping warriors. Their sinuous grace and sinister beauty come through wonderfully, and each model is dripping with amazing little details. 

If you’ve played Underworlds before, Direchasm offers brand new challenges for existing warbands, as well as proving a great place to start for new players.

As the release gets closer, the Warhammer Community site will be delving into what’s in the box, including a look at new mechanics, Primacy and Hunger, which allow you to build up bonuses.

For more info, keep your eyes peeled on the Community website over the coming weeks.