A mystery death brings a dilettante detective to life, and drags his long-suffering bodyguard into a nest of intrigue that will test their mettle, and their blades…Aconyte Books announces its second novel set in the Legend of the Five Rings universe, Poison River.

This is the first of the Daidoji Shin Mysteries, pitting a scandal-prone Crane noble against clan machinations across Rokugan.

Daidoji Shin, unrepentant wastrel with a taste for scandal and dice, coasts through his role as Crane Clan’s trade envoy in the City of the Rich Frog. But when a case of poisoned rice threatens the brittle peace between the competing clans, the Imperial Governor drags Shin from his indolence and orders him to find the culprit. Despite himself, Shin uncovers an intriguing conspiracy involving more than just dead rats. A murder with no body and a missing actress present a distraction that could finally make Shin put in a full day’s work, and maybe even save the city from tearing itself apart.

Poison River is available for pre-order now and hits stores August 2020. For more information visit www.aconytebooks.com

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