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Drake summoning with new dragon-themed subclasses for D&D

Ever fancied having your own Drogon or Toothless follow you on your adventures? Well in today’s Unearthed Arcana release you can, as two new dragon-themed subclasses have been revealed for the Monk and Ranger.

Wizards of the Coast have been on a roll recently with the launch of some fantastically themed subclasses in its Unearthed Arcana. Part 4 introduced us to two spooky subclasses in the form of the College of Spirits Bard and Undead Warlock patron.

In part 5, you can add a bit more bite to your character with Way of the Ascendent Dragon Monk and the Drakewarden Ranger, both of which have been empowered by mighty dragons.

Way of the Ascendant Dragon

Monks who follow the Way of the Ascendant Dragon revere the power and grandeur of dragons. They alter their own ki to resonate with draconic might, channeling it to augment their prowess in battle, soar through the air, and to bolster their allies. As a follower of this Monastic Tradition, you decide how you unlocked the power of dragons through your ki. The Ascendant Dragon Origin able offers some possibilities.

Way of the Ascendant Dragon allows players to imbune their attacks with the powers of a draconic spirit. By spending ki points, at level 3 Draconic Disciple allows you to change the damage type of your unarmed attacks to acid, cold, fire, lightning or posion. While at 6th level, when you use Step of the Wind, you instead unfurl spectral dragon-like wings that give you a flying speed equal to your walking speed until the end of your turn.


Drakewardens are rangers who use their magical connection with nature to form an enduring bond with a minor dragon, a drake. This bond allows the ranger to summon the drake to their side and to share in the awe-inspiring power wielded by dragons. Consider how your ranger gained their bond with the drake. The Drakewarden Origin table offers some examples.

The Drakewarden is all about summoning a minor dragon, or drake, which at level 3 you can do once per long rest. The drake comes with its own stat block, which also allows you to choose the damage type that it infuses its attacks with. As you level up, your bond with the drake strengthens, increasing the damage it deals and your own resistances at level 7. At level 11 you gain your own elemental breath attack

To read more about these two new subclasses and how to incorporate them into your own D&D adventure, visit the Dungeons and Dragons website by clicking here.