This Thursday, HQ Trivia calls all Jedi and Sith Lords to test their knowledge with the definitive Star Wars quiz.

Do you feel the power of The Force, are you fluent in Bocce, or do you know how old Chewbacca is? HQ Trivia is putting together the ultimate quiz to find the UK’s biggest Star Wars fan when hosting its live quiz on Thursday 22 November at 9pm.

Now remember, there are ten films in the saga already… so you better start brushing up on your knowledge of a galaxy far, far away!

This special edition quiz makes the jump to hyperspace at Millennium Falcon speed as it hosts a whopping 12 questions which will determine whether you are a Jedi Master or a Jar Jar Binks!

HQ host Beric Livingstone will host a real-world Star Wars Scavenger Hunt in Central London on Thursday 22nd November from 1-3pm with real Star Wars prizes to be won, at some iconic locations connected to the film series. To join in, follow on the day.

HQ Trivia is the wildly popular mobile gaming app that hosts live game shows where you can win real cash prizes. Every day, tune into HQ to answer trivia questions ranging from easy to hard to savage, and see if you have what it takes to win cash.

To download HQ for iOS click here, or for Android click here.

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