In 2019 we brought you news about the ArcWorld Second edition Kickstarter. Well, Warploque Miniatures was successful with its campaign and Alex and the team are well on their way to filling pledges.

If you can’t wait until the spring when pledges are expected to be filled, Alex and the team will be heading to Nottingham on 11-12 January 2020 for the ArcWorlde Weekender. Taking place at the Backlit Gallery, the 2-day event gives new and old fans the opportunity to get their paint on, while learning from the masters themselves. There will be a number of talks from Alex about his inspiration for the game as well as plenty of opportunities to play ArcWorlde as well.

What to Bring
Although you don’t need to bring anything to have fun, to get the most out of the weekend they recommend you bring along your ArcWorlde collection, as well as any terrain or scenery you have. If you would like to enjoy the painting activities, please bring your paints and brushes, as well as any painting mats or other hobby materials.

So what does the actual programme look like?

Saturday: A Carousel of Activities

11am: Welcome introduction to the weekend.

Demo Games, Gaming Tables and Hobby Tables – Throughout the Day

11:30am-2:30pm: Painting Tutorials (Halflings and Wild Elves)
Over the course of the day Alex will be demonstrating how to paint miniatures from the 2nd Edition Starter Warbands. There will be two sessions before lunch, and two after.

2:30pm: Lunch

3:30-6:30pm: Painting Tutorials (Beastfolk and Undead)

6:30pm: 30 min break 

7pm-late: Free Gameplay and ChillFrom 7pm onwards we will be chilling out and playing games, and people will be free to order food and have a few drinks. Any games are welcome.

Sunday: A Series of Talks

Demo Games, Gaming Tables and Hobby Tables – Throughout the Day  

11am–12pm: Basing Workshop with Haydn Dean
Haydn Dean will be showing you all how to base up your miniatures, with materials provided.

12pm: 30mins break

12:30-1pm:  Journey to ArcWorlde 
A talk by Alex about how ArcWorlde was created, and the story leading up to today.

1pm: Break for Lunch

2pm-3pm:  Model Conversion Workshop
Alex will show you how to make little conversions to make your ArcWorlde miniatures even more unique.

3pm:  Entries into Painting Competition

3pm-6pm: Free Gameplay

6pm: Announcement of Competition Winners

7pm: Event Finish

For more information and to get your hands on a pair of tickets to the weekender, head over to the Facebook Event page.

If you’d like to hear more from Alex, you can check out our interview with him as part of our Miniature Monday feature.

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