The world’s greatest and craziest wizards return for even more mayhem in the latest release from Cryptzoic, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards ANNIHILAGEDDON.

In the latest edition of the Epic Spell Wars series, players must attack and kill their foes over and over again, using a host of new mayhem events, familiars, spells, creatures, treasures and of course Wild Magic.

In ANNIHILAGEDDON, your wizard becomes a unique weapon of destruction. When you start, you must choose an ability title that grants you a special ability. Then you must choose a Wizard and their familair.

The game’s heavy emphasis on Attacks results in a unique level of player interaction for the deck-building genre, as players constantly try to take opposing Wizards’ Hit Points (HP) down to zero. However, like all games set in the world of Epic Spell Wars, death is not final. After a player’s Wizard dies, his or her HP resets back to 20 and that player gains a Dead Wizard Token, which typically has some surprising negative effects, such as gaining undesirable cards, destroying cards, or decreasing HP.

If the threat of defeat from enemy players wasn’t enough, the main deck will also exact a heavy toll in the form of Mayhem cards, which can literally flip the game on its head.

The base game comes with:

  • 230 game cards
  • 8 oversized Wizard cards
  • 8 Wizard Ability tiles
  • 5 hit point tokens
  • 1 R’lyeh standee
  • 1 Annihilageddon trophy standee
  • 1 rulebook

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON is a game for 2-5 players and is compatible with previous editions.

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