Warcradle Studios has revealed it is developing an official card game based on the 2002 cyberpunk Altered Carbon novels by Richard K. Morgan.

The new card game will be the first title to hit shelves following a licensing agreement awarded to the publisher to produce tabletop experiences set within the Altered Carbon universe, including the infamous Panama Rose Fightdrome and beyond – as part of an expanding range of titles.

The debut of the forthcoming action-packed, two-player card game places gamers at the heart of the Panama Rose combat arena. Titled Altered Carbon: Fightdrome, players start the game by choosing specially bred combat sleeves, and take on the role of two competitors fighting it out to determine who will survive. 

Fightdrome promises to be fast, dynamic and full of action as competitors must kick, punch and grapple their way to the top of the pecking order, placing winning moves and forcing their opponent into defeat. With both engaging and intuitive rules suitable for players of all ages, Altered Carbon: Fightdrome looks to be popular with seasoned gamers and sci-fi fans alike. 

For more information about Altered Carbon: Fightdrome, visit the Warcradle Studios website.

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