In Dwar7s Fall, you built your kingdom and gathered food to prepare. In Dwar7s Winter, you battled the elements and fought monsters to survive. Now, you’re trying to expand your empire across the lands with the help of dragons and faeries. It may feel like fall outside, but it’s time for spring!

Designed and illustrated by Luis Brueh, Dwar7s Spring is a deck and engine building game for 2 to 4 players. Players assemble an army of heroes to battle monsters in the wildlands as they strive to expand their settlements across the world.

Dwar7s Spring takes this series of games to a whole new level. It introduces a new game mechanic to the series and lots of new characters, like new monsters and magical faeries.

Dwar7s Spring comes with 64 highly-detailed miniatures. However, Kickstarter backers will have the option to choose the deluxe edition, which adds 28 dwarf miniatures and 110 pre-painted components. The deluxe components are from the Up your Game collection.

Dwar7s Spring

For people who have Dwar7s Winter, the Dwar7s Spring Enchanted Forest expansion is compatible. It’s been designed so that there can be crossover between Dwar7s Winter and Dwar7s Spring. All you need are a few more cards, with a few extra rules, and you add a whole new dynamic to both games.

The Dwar7s Spring Kickstarter Campaign will run from Thursday, October 17 to Monday, November 4, 2019 with a funding goal of $15,000 USD.

Each game in the Dwar7s series is played on its own; however, they connect thematically. Players follow the story and struggles of the dwarfs throughout the seasons.

After all four Dwar7s seasons are released, a new Dwar7s World Campaign will launch. In Dwar7s World (title subject to change), players will start as a dwarf worker and make their way through the seasons, gathering experience points (formerly known as victory points). Experience points will allow players to upgrade their dwarf character with the ultimate goal of being declared Dwarf King or Queen!

Dwar7s Spring is on Kickstarter now. If you fancy backing it click here.

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