After the events of Brexit, the UK may feel like a post-apocalyptic landscape. Shadow of Mogg takes a step into the future as you play as normal citizens who have set up a society in the London Underground, following very similar circumstances.

Shadow of Mogg is an exciting new RPG set in the London underground, following a catastrophic occurrence known only as ‘The Event’. The game combines a simple d6 system with group voting mechanics, with just one simple goal…to survive.

Players take on the role of relatively ordinary members of the public. From bakers and nurses to firefighters and CEOs. The game explores the ramifications of mob rule democracy, the frailty of hope and the banality of evil.

Shadow of Mogg is all written and ready to go. The Kickstarter will fund the writers to edit and update the core-rules and have it laid out as an A5 zine.

Pledges start from as little as £5 for a PDF copy of the game and go up to £250, which includes a signed physical copy of Shadow of Mogg as well as a game run by the creator, Panayiotis Lines, for you and a group of friends.

Shadow of Mogg is on Kickstarter now. For more information and to make your pledge, click here.

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