7 sins, 7 virtues and 7 districts. Cawood Publishing returns to Kickstarter this month with Monsters of the City, bringing 100 new monsters all set within an urban environment to 5e.

Monsters in the City is the third book in Cawood’s Monster series and builds upon an ever-expanding world of beasts and monstrosities.

The book will contain 100 new 5E monsters (approximately 130 pages).  A district page with additional lore and tables will begin each section. There will also be encounter tables, adventure hooks, GM advice, events tables, locations tables, CR and creature type listings, and more. 

Each district will contain two legendary monsters that represent one of the sins and one of the virtues. Monsters in the book include devils, demons, celestials, fey, undead, constructs, oozes, giants, and many humanoids.  In fact, three new races of humanoids will be introduced. The book is softcover to begin with, and there is a stretch goal for a hardcover version.

As a teaser, you can download a 22-page PDF of the Docks District for free.

Pledges start from $20 (£12), which includes a PDF of Monsters of the City. If you’re after a physical copy though, you’ll need to pledge the next tier which is $37 (£22).

To make your pledge, head over to Monsters of the City Kickstarter.

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