As players prepare to delve into worn-torn Eberron in the latest Dungeons & Dragons release from Wizards of the Coast, Gale Force Nine has previewed some new releases of its own, including two new miniature sets.

Warforged Cleric

This Warforged character clothed in religious garb can both heal its allies, and deal death and destruction to their enemies if the gods may wish it!

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Lord of Blades

This hulking monstrosity is a warforged warlord who has broken all ties with his former human masters.

A mechanised beacon for all warforged, the Lord of Blades literally stands head and shoulders above its compatriots.

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Warforged Fighter

Equipped with both a humongous shield to withstand blows from the largest of enemies, and a sword to cut down anyone who stands in his path, this battle-hardened fighter is not one many should take lightly!

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Warforged Monk

An armored machine of destruction equipped with a deadly spear, this Warforged monk combines grace and power as it strikes down its foes!

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Eberron Rising from the Last War DM Screen

And what would any new sourcebook be without a trusty DM screen? Featuring a map of the vast Eberron as well as a breakdown of the key stats all DMs need to know, the screen also features a handy guide to the various Houses in the realm that are sowing deciet and deception within the ranks.

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The Eberron miniatures and DM screen aren’t available yet, but keep your eyes peeled on the Gale Force Nine website as it won’t be long I’m sure.

Eberron: Rising from the Last War is available for pre-order now and will be hitting shops on 19 November. To get the low down on the new sourcebook, you can head over to our preview.

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