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The Keeper of Secrets comes

The dark forces of the Lord of Excess are being bolstered once again, as Games Workshop announces a host of new models for both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

The rumour engine has certainly been working overtime as of late, but the wait is finally over as next week the supporters of Slaanesh can pre-order a slew of new demons, including the Keeper of Secrets, all new endless spells, the Hedonites of Slaanesh Battletome and more.

So, shall we dive right in with the previews?

The Masque
Syll'Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance

Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance
The Contorted Epitome
The Contorted Epitome
The Fane of Slaanesh

The Fane of Slaanesh
Endliess Spells
Keeper of Secrets, Greater Daemon of Slaanesh

But wait…there’s more? Introducing a brand new Daemon, meet Shalaxi Halbane, Monarch of the Hunt. Built from the same kit as the Keeper of Secrets, this is the first named Slaanesh character in a very long time, which can be used in both the Mortal Realms and 41st Millennium.

Shalaxi Helbane, Monarch of the Hunt

What would any battalion be without a brand new Battletome though? Chaos Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh provides a complete guide for the forces of the Prince of Pleasure, including new rules, stunning artwork and sinister lore that explores the Dark Prince’s realm and followers.

These previews have certainly whet my appetite, but apparently we’re not quite done yet. In the run-up to the pre-orders going live, Games Workshop will be releasing more info on the new rules, lore and more! Keep an eye on the Warhammer Community page for more info.