Scions of the Flame

Unleash the flames with new Warcry warband

Warcry warbands have been selling like hotcakes since their release and this month Games Workshop introduces us to a new band of mercenaries who will inevitably fan the fires of chaos.

The Scions of the Flame are a new 8-model warband that worships a specific element of chaos – the Ever-Raging Flame.

Along with these incredible models, they bring with them a range of unique abilities that will help you conquer the Eightpoints. These denizens of Aqshy will be seeking Archaon’s blessing soon (you could say that they want to become flameous) so it’s time to start practising your flame effects. Oh, and while these are the last of the “missing” warbands from the Warcry Core Book, they are by no means the final warband for the game.

Whether you’re a Warcry player or not, these miniatures are pretty fantastic. Personally, I’m eyeing them up for flaming cultists for a D&D campaign.

Keep your eyes peeled on the site for more updates about this firey warband.