Airecon, one of the UK’s largest analog gaming festivals has announced a new date for 2021 following alterations to its schedule because of coronavirus.

Airecon will return to the Harrogate Convention Centre 16-18 April 2021 and we can’t wait! The 2020 event was one of the last large scale events to happen in England before the coronavirus lockdown was put into place.

Earlier this month, Mark and Ben, two of the show’s creators took to Facebook Live to announce the new dates and host a Q&A session. If you missed the stream, you can watch it here.

While the team are still working out some nuts and bolts to do with the 2021 show, tickes will go on sale 1 November at 11:11am

Tickets are always refundable on a no quibbles basis for any reason up to doors opening. If the team have to cancel the event all pre-booked tickets will be automatically refunded.

Other guidance from Mark and Ben included:

  • We will only run the convention if it’s safe to do so without too many restrictions.
  • We will make a final final decision in early Feb, depending on how things are at the time.
  • If you want to book travel and hotels now, we’d suggest booking it on a refundable or moveable basis, or get insurance that will cover cancellations.
  • If we have to cancel we will fully refund all tickets automatically.
  • We’d really appreciate it if you booked tickets if you’re planning on coming and are able to do so, this really helps us with planning and knowing what space to book with the convention centre.
  • At this stage we are not speaking to international guests, solely because a lot of the organisation of their travel and accommodation has to be done much further in advance. If things change we will reach out to people that we’d like to attend.
  • We definitely won’t do a virtual convention. Whilst there have been some great events run over the last few months, we don’t feel that it’s a good fit for us.
  • At this stage the government has said they definitely won’t continue to use the convention centre as a Nightingale Hospital beyond the end of March.
  • The set up will be similar to either this year’s AireCon or last year’s, depending on numbers.

For more informaiton and to grab your tickets for Airecon 2021, visit

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