Angels of Death - Warhammer 40K

Games Workshop announces Warhammer 40K animated series

Yes, you read that right. Everyone’s favourite Adeptus Astartes will be embarking on their most important mission yet, an inter-galactic Warhammer animated series.

Games Workshop has announced the first ever (official) Warhammer 40,000 animated series. Filled to the brim with epic battles, heroic sacrifices, loads of explosions and brutal close combat chainsword duels, the new series will be on its way in 2019.

Following a band of Blood Angels Space Marines, the series which is aptly named ‘Angels of Death’, will see the band of warriors face mankind’s enemies, death and worse¬† – the Black Rage.

Over the years there have been plenty of fan-made films telling tales of the Emperor’s chosen, but perhaps one of the most popular is the Helsreach series (based on the Black Library novel of the same name). The team at Games Workshop loved the series so much that they have teamed up with the creators to deliver Angels of Death.

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