UK Games Expo 2018 was filled to the brim with new and shiny games, but one of our stand out picks was a cooperative castle defence game, with a twist. In Village Attacks, you take on the role of some of the most infamous and feared folklore legends. What could go wrong?

Set within the depths of a particularly immense castle, you and your fellow villains must defend your home from the local villagers who are laying siege to your home in an effort to exorcise your evil from the world.

Although the villagers themselves may be weak, they aren’t alone. Hunters and heroes from across the world have come to lend sword, shield and gun to rid the world of your taint.

The castle interior is constructed using a modular tile system made up from beautifully illustrated game tiles that allow for near limitless combinations and layouts. The villagers will attempt to reach the heart of the castle and destroy it, but they must be stopped! Only by slaying enough villagers and breaking their morale will you be able to drive them from your home for good.

The brainchild of two friends, Adam Smith and Mike Brown of Grimlord Games, an independent developer of tabletop games, Village Attacks uses custom dice to control the outcome of your turn. Dice results can be used to move your monster, activate your abilities, purchase traps, defend yourself from incoming attacks and even be stored for the next round.

Each monster possesses their own unique abilities that they are able to level up by slaying villagers and completing objectives. Monsters are categorised into types, which can affect how they interact with the enemy forces. Hunters and Town Heroes deal extra damage to monsters that match their types, creating another level of strategy and planning.

I had the opportunity to give Village Attacks a whirl at UK Games Expo and I really did fall in love with it. I’m a sucker for a good miniature and this has plenty of options, particularly if you backed the Kickstarter. While the game itself comes with a lot of components (see the list below), it’s fairly quick to get into. Once the heroes and hunters take to the board, that’s when things really start to heat up. This one is certainly going on the wish list.

What’s in the box

  • 5x Monster miniatures
  • 32x Peasant miniatures
  • 24x Hunter miniatures
  • 5x Town Hero miniatures
  • 1x Rule book
  • 16x Game tiles
  • 1x Game Overview tile
  • 5x Monster dashboards
  • 5x Town Hero tokens
  • 8x custom engraved dice
  • 44x Villager Spawn cards
  • 20x Trap cards
  • 25x Village Event cards
  • 168x Tokens
  • 35x Coloured clip on bases
  • 1x Dice ba
  • 1x First Player Coin

For more information about Village Attacks, head over to the Grimlord Games website.

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