Gods of Metal Ragnarock

Kickstarter: Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

Grab your axe and prepare to risk it all to become a Demi-God of unimaginable power: an Avatar of Metal in Hunters Entertainment’s latest over-the-top RPG, Gods of Metal: Ragnarock.

Hot off the heels of their silent roleplaying game, Alice Is Missing, Hunters Entertainment is back with another sensational Kickstarter. In Gods of Metal: Ragnarock, you rustle up your band of adventurers to battle with the most unhinged and bizarre foes, beasts, monsters and total poseurs imaginable, in a bid to lead the most epic life and leave the mundane behind.

The Epic Heavy Metal Fantasy RPG celebrates a diverse cast of characters within the dual worlds of the Mundania and Ragnarock. In the world of Mundania, a land similar to ours, even borning mortals have a chance of redemption. Characters claim fealty to one of the six metal gods, and form an adventuring band to take on the rooles of Brutalizers, Shredders, Noisemancers and even Amplords as characters find adventure and glory in a Heav Metal inspired world. The game will even include an original soundtrack produced by Rezodrone and a music album starring a whole host of legendary label rock bands.

The Story

Somewhere, not too far from your back door... There is a world filled with dull-toned, brutal mediocrity. It’s a rigid world, filled with lines, chemicals, and ‘fads’; a gray world that is painfully familiar. 

It’s called Mundania, the land of Boring-Ass-Stupid Mortals.

Somewhere on another plane of existence, majestic GODS look upon Mundania and see bright stars of POTENTIAL. They see individuals filled with tedium and suffering and hope to use these powerful energies to fan the flames of their Righteous Cause.

The Gods send their Rognuskull (Metal Angels) to collect these righteous souls and bring them to the Umbilical Descent. There they are given an Avatar, a body imbued with powers and abilities that can be used to fight back against the enemies of Ragnarock. Enemies such as dark magic users, warring factions and their ever-changing warlords, and an evil black mass called THE SILENCE.

To play Gods of Metal: Ragnarock is to exist in both worlds. Survive the struggle of Mundania, while joining the fight as a living and breathing Demi-God in a world of fire, beer, and monsters. Inspired by head-banging, blood-pumping Heavy Metal.

HOWEVER, collect enough Feedback (aka failures) while in Ragnarock, and you’ll find yourself back in the ‘real world’ to deal with your Mundanian’s Suffering and Tedium until you’re able to shake the shame of your own sins.

And should your Avatar die in Ragnarock… Your soul will be banished back to the Gray Realm.

To forever live in mediocrity.

Creating Your Party

With all the controvesy surrounding diversity and inclusivness within boardgames and tabletop RPGs at the moment, Gods of Metal seems to do it right from the very start and rids the game of race.

Your character identifies themselves based on the lifestyle, tone, and appearance that they choose for themselves. Being an Avatar means digging deep into your spirit, finding your spark, and becoming your true self! 

It’s incredibly refreshing to see a game doing this. Yes, Hunters aren’t the first, however its great to see more and more developers being inclusive right off the bat, rather than having to introduce new options later down the line.

Your Avatar will play a key role in your band of adventurers, so you’ll need to choose your position i.e. Class, very carefully. From the brutal Brutalizer, who charges headfirst into battle, to the Bludgaard who protects their allies, there is some serious fun to be had.

Pledge Levels

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock is on Kickstarter now. Head over now to find out more about this epic RPG and place your pledge now.