The Wagadu Chronicles

Kickstarter: The Wagadu Chronicles

Recently a new campaign on Kickstarter caught my eye, and I thought I’d take the time to bring it into the tiny spotlight we have here at Polaroids and Polar Bears.

The Wagadu Chronicles is a combination project seeking to develop both a Dungeons and Dragons 5e compatible setting and a heavily roleplay based MMO experience.

The world of the Wagadu Chronicles is a fantasy setting based on a wide range of African mythologies and legends. Members of the team drew upon their own experiences and heritage where possible, with the digital team’s Lead Artist spent time with Kenya’s Masai people to learn more. Personally, I am excited to see a serious attempt to research African mythology for a roleplaying setting. A brief look at the free lore book available on the kickstarter page makes it clear that a great deal of care has been taken in bringing cultures, history, and mythology to the forefront.

“To make this fantasy world more authentic we have been in contact with experts such an Africa biologist for the various biomes and African elders for village lore.” -Kickstarter Description

The 5e setting adapts standard D&D classes into Wagadu specific classes and introduces a collection of backgrounds, and new concepts like lineages and roles. My favourite part of the free book is the appendix, which includes a fascinating collection of monsters and NPC character types.

The digital game, a roleplay focused MMO, will be intertwined with the 5e setting with both influencing the others development. The MMO is focused on roleplay and player interaction. This is usually a tricky sell because it requires the cooperation of all players involved. Hopefully the team is hard at work fleshing out systems that reinforce this style of play. Players will also interact with NPCs, spirits, and animals, with late game content focusing on the collection of Totems, which can serve as community anchors for healing, respawning, and building player housing. The early pre-alpha screens look promising to say the least.

Fancy backing The Wagadu Chronicles? Head over to the Kickstarter page.