Back to reality with new Star Trek Adventures mission

Players will be battling it out against doppelgangers from an alternative quantum reality in a new standalone mission for Star Trek Adventures.

When the player characters investigate a dangerous asteroid field, they are confronted with doppelgangers from a different quantum reality where the Borg reign supreme. Can the player characters resolve tensions with their counterparts and solve the mysteries within an abandoned space station at the center of the asteroid field?

The new standalone 17-page adventure, written by Fred Love is set during The Next Generation era of Star Trek, however, you can adapt it for other campaign eras too.

The Star Trek Adventures series puts you and your fellow crewmates at the helm of a Starship, boldly going where no man has gone before (as well as a few places that they have been). Back to Reality is the latest release for the tabletop RPG, which also includes a brand new Klingon Rulebook, being shipped later this month.

Star Trek Adventures: Back to Reality is available for download now from the Modiphius website and DriveThru RPG.