Brotherwise reveal The Dragon Prince miniatures game

The world of Xadia will be hitting tabletops once again as Wonderstorm and Brotherwise Games announce a partnership to create a range of games set in The Dragon Prince Universe.

The first game to be announced as part of the new partnership is The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, an arena-style game where players take control of eight fan-favorite characters: Rayla, Ezran, Callum, Amaya, Janai, Viren, Claudia, and Soren. Players control their miniatures on six different battle maps, playing cards to unleash attacks and special abilities.

Each hero has their own premium miniature, action deck, and unique play style! Rayla, the agile Moonshadow elf, gains energy when she flips in and out of combat. Callum builds Sky magic combos to send his opponents flying. Soren, the Crownguard, charges up to defend his allies when they’re attacked.

Pre-orders for The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged go live in June, ahead of a full release this autumn. For more information visit