City of Mist, the RPG of ordinary people and legendary powers is heading to Roll 20, so grab your friends and prepare to fight for control of the streets.

City of Mist is a noir tabletop role-playing game in which you play modern-day versions of your favorite myths, legends, and fairy tales.

Inspired by the film noir and detective comic book genres, the game focuses on your crew’s search for answers in a city that seems to enshroud everything in false appearances as well as on the struggle between your character’s normal life and the legend growing inside them.

City of Mist is now heading to online virtual tabletop platform, Roll 20, meaning you can battle supervillains from the comfort of your own sofa (or wherever you play online tabletop games).

The online starter set, which costs $14.95, features:

  • Five beautifully-illustrated pregenerated characters: Detective Enkidu, Tlaloc the two-bit crook, Lily Chow the runaway, Job the priest with a past, and Baku the monster-hunter.
  • A complete walkthrough for players, explaining the rules of the game through short learn-as-you-play handouts
  • A walkthrough for the Master of Ceremonies (Gamemaster), teaching you how to run the game
  • Your first full-length case (scenario), Shark Tank, with:
  • A handout for every location with readouts, information, and a list of clues
  • Handouts for learning new MC Skills as you run the case
  • 8 noir locations maps (Ennie award nominated)
  • Danger profiles (statblocks) for threats and NPCs
  • 24 tokens of PCs and NPCs
  • Art by Ennie-award winner Marcin Sobon

To find out more about the new online play options for City of Mist, head to the website

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