Dune RPG

Modiphius announces Dune RPG

Modiphius have been knocking it out of the park with their RPG releases as of late and their latest annoucement has me literally screaming with excitement, as the world of Dune is set to sweep its way onto tabletops in 2021.

With a pre-order launching the second week of December 2020, the Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game challenges you to take control of Arrakis and the power of the spice Melange.

Be the first to set foot on Arrakis. The Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game takes you into a far future beyond anything you have imagined, where fear is the mind-killer so be sure to keep your wits about you. The Imperium is a place of deadly duels, feudal politics, and mysterious abilities. Noble houses constantly politic for power, influence, and vengeance in a universe where a blade can change the fortunes of millions. Build your house, carve your place in the universe, and fight for the Imperial throne. Take your characters on a journey through the worlds of the seminal Dune sci-fi book series from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson, inhabiting elite agents working for noble houses where mentats, swordmasters, spies, Bene Gesserit sisters, devious advisors, or even desert Fremen join together to follow your banner.
Whoever you choose to be, remember that those that control the spice control the universe.

Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme (Kult, Magic: the Gathering) illustrated the stunning art cover and fans will also have the opportunity to show their allegiance to House Atreides, House Harkonnen, or the Imperial House Corrino with three special collector’s edition covers. To supplement these, you can expect a gamesmaster screen, journal, and dice set accessories with more releases for 2021 to be announced.

Modiphius 2d20 game designer Nathan Dowell (Infinity, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Star Trek Adventures) adapted the rules to the rich, expansive universe of Dune. Alongside Dowell, an all-star team of passionate tabletop writers and designers is working on the game. Key team members include Andrew Peregrine (Doctor Who, Victoriana, Star Trek Adventures) as line manager and Jason Durall (Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Runequest, A Game of Thrones) as line editor.

Together they have assembled a wealth of experienced writers and new voices, including Chris Spivey (Harlem Unbound, Cthulhu Confidential), Mari Tokuda (Achtung! Cthulhu, Malifaux), Rachael Cruz (Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Star Trek Adventures), Jack Norris (John Carter, Marvel Heroic, Mutants & Masterminds), Banana Chan (Dads on Mowers, Terrors Below), Khaldoun Khelil (Vampire 5th Edition, Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition), Peter Wright (7TV, John Carter of Mars), Helena Nash (Runequest, 7TV), Richard August (John Carter of Mars, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of), Ben Woerner (7th Sea, Warhammer 40k) and Simon Berman (Eclipse Phase, Iron Kingdoms).

Those who sign up to the Dune tabletop roleplaying game pre-order will be able to claim a PDF preview of the core rulebook before the Spring launch and the pre-order will be available through local retailers as well as the Modiphius webstore.

For more information about Dune and to sign-up to updates about the pre-order, visit the Modiphius website.