Heroes of the Mortal Realms

Heroes of the Eight Realms released for Age of Sigmar

Six new heroes are joining the fight for the Mortal Realms as Games Workshop releases a host of characters for Age of Sigmar that were previously limited to boxed games.

Abhorrant Archegent

This model has proven very popular with painters, and now you can get one for yourself if you missed out on the Carrion Empire box. These ancient Ghoul Kings are furious warriors and powerful wizards, summoning combatants in the midst of battle and driving them to acts of excessive bloodlust. 

Skaven Warlock Bombardier

Whether blowing up the enemies of the Horned Rat with dangerously overloaded doomrockets or recklessly casting warp lightning from their fingertips, these powerful engineers are sure to cause some damage – even if it’s to themselves.  

Druanti the Arch-Revenant

These mysterious leaders are armed with long glaives and shields, and are borne into battle by winged zephyrspites clinging to their backs. Their presence inspires Kurnoth Hunters and other Sylvaneth units to fight harder, making them an easy include in any Sylvaneth army.

Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig

Riding atop slavering Giant Cave Squigs, the Loonbosses hack away with long-handled Moonclan Stabbas, their rage fed by Redcap Mushrooms. They also push other squigs forward with their Let’s Get Bouncing! ability, so everyone can get stuck in that much faster. 

The Tyrant

As leaders of the Gutbuster Warglutts, Tyrants are formidable warriors who have fought their way to the top of their tribes, constantly proving their right to leadership – they’re the toughest of the tough. You can even customise the way they play in your game with six different Big Names! 

Vokmortian, Master if the Bone-tithe

Unlike the Tyrant, Vokmortian didn’t rise to power – he was tailor-made to be the perfect emissary of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. If you don’t sign his contract he can kill you instantly, represented by the very nasty Mortal Touch spell. Go take a peek at his warscroll if you haven’t seen it. 

Fancy adding these new heroes to your Age of Sigmar battalion? You can pre-order from the Games Workshop site now. For more Warhammer news from us, click here.