Circle of Catnip

A purrfect circle with new druid archetype

If playing a wandering Tabaxi isn’ feline enough for you, Circle of Catnip, a new druid archetype on DMs Guild might just tickle your whiskers.

A love of nature is intrinsic to any druid, but druids joining the Circle of Catnip love very particular aspects of nature. Namely, sunshine, the ability to transform and commune with great feline creatures, and the cultivation of catnip itself. A Catnip Druid is likely to be found basking for hours in the sunlight, only to suddenly sprint off to a random location with their claws drawn.

As you can probably tell, there’s a theme here. Circle of Catnip is a hybrid druid archetype. Similar to Circle of the Moon, at level 2 you gain access to a stronger form of Wildshape that allows you to transform into a beast of challenge rating 1 or below – the catch however is that it must be a feline creature. At level 3, you gain access to new spells that are permanently prepared, including Locate Animals or Plants, Daylight and Sickening Radiance.

Level 6 is where the fun really starts though with the ability Cultivating Catastrophe. During a long or short rest you can brew catnip potions, poisons and bombs that have an assortment of affects on your party and enemies.

At level 10, you learn Sunbath an ability that while you are in the sun, recharges hit dice for you and your party. A pretty powerful ability if you’re fighting in some big encounters.

Circle of Catnip is available on DMs Guild for just $1.99, however if you have a few more bob to spend, its worth picking up the Purrfect Pairing Budle, which includes the Big Book of Cats as well.

From the tiny sand cat to the massive cath palug, the Big Book of Cats contains 40 new felines plus several old friends to delight and devour you! It’s the purrfect supplement for any table looking to evade danger by a whisker or just have a good time kitten around. 

For just $3.57, the bundle is well worth it if you want to add some feline flavour to your campaign.