Runa & Ulfgar’s Compendium of Big Boss Epic Goblins

Big Boss Epic Goblins cause havoc in new D&D compendium

From incredibly strong and smart, to those with magical items, D&D’s favourite green-skinned humanoids have undergone a bit of a transformation in a brand new supplement on DM’s Guild.

Runa & Ulfgar’s Compendium of Big Boss Epic Goblins introduces a whole host of new options for the now not so humble goblin.

Jimmy Meritt (Here’s To Crime & Handful of Heists), Adam Hancock (Balduran’s Guide to Kingdom Building & Slinker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy), and Ryan Langr (Grazilaxx’s Guide to Ancestry & Time Traveler’s Guide to Chronomancy) and Matthew Whitby (Adventures From Along the Road & Baldur’s Gate: Items & Encounters) bring 16 big boss epic goblins to the Forgotten Realms, each one including a full description, background and even multiple adventure hooks.

The 63-page supplement features:

  • Goblins, goblins, goblins: Encounter 16 goblins from across the many planes, goblins that possess powerful artefacts, or naturally-gifted goblins!
  • Full-Page Art: Full art of every goblin by the fantastic Genesis Engine (@TomeOfScribbles)
  • Campaign: Additional campaign setting to string all encounters together!
  • Magical Items: 3 unique powerful magical items, including the Deck of Many-Goblin Things!
  • Sidekicks: 3 goblin-themed sidekicks with examples!

A particular favourite of mine, that could cause a party a whole load of bother, is Deck, a goblin that has got her grubby little hands on a Deck of Many Things that has been defaced with goblin imagery, resulting in some rather interesting outcomes. One of Deck’s abilities allows her to stack the deck, meaning when a player draws from the Deck of Many Goblin Things, she can infact choose what is drawn. Nasty!!

Other bosses include Jarl Grudrun, He of Thunder (think Goblin Thor), Grik the Many (a goblin in possession of the Ring of Many-Selves) and the X’Goblathar (a gobin-esque beholder).

The compendium is crammed with everything a DM needs for a Goblin one-shot or a big boss as part of an ongoing campaign.

Runa & Ulfgar’s Compendium of Big Boss Epic Goblins is available on DM’s Guild now for just $12.95