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#MiniatureMonday Cerberus Studios

In our new monthly feature, aptly named #MiniatureMonday’s, we speak to the masterminds behind some of the tabletop gaming industry’s leading miniature makers.

This month we chat to Ben Lycett, creative director of Cerberus Studios. We met Ben at UK Games Expo earlier this year and were utterly blown away by the detail of the studio’s miniatures. While a lot of miniatures on the market have been created to go alongside pre-existing games, Cerberus has developed two very distinct worlds, with each miniature having its own story – something which is key to the studio and the world’s it builds.

But we won’t spoil it anymore – let Ben tell you about Cerberus.

Tell us a bit more about Cerberus Studios.

Cerberus Studios produces a range of highly detailed fantasy miniatures for our two IPs.

Our first being ‘Mortals’ Reckoning’, which is set in a Greco-Roman fantasy world, full of characters that you will love, and also love to hate. Our miniatures for this range are set at 32mm scale, with some of the larger pieces reaching 72mm plus.

Our second is ‘Celestial Affinity’, which is a gothic horror pitching a demonic incursion against the combined forces of vampires, werewolves and humans. Our miniatures here are set at a scale of 60mm with some pieces being larger depending on the character.

All of our miniatures are supplied in high-quality resin and presented in our bespoke boxes, each of which has a designated character art card.

What makes your miniatures different from others on the market?

All of our miniatures begin life with a story. The personalities involved in all of our IPs have a depth of character both in backstory, but also in the aesthetic. Strong poses exhibiting a desired emotion or act were key in their design, so no matter your army tastes or gaming tendencies our miniatures will delight you and lend themselves perfectly to an array of projects.

From the beginning, we want to ‘wow’ you. From the box arriving at your home, to the experience of opening it and unveiling your chosen mini, we want to give you a sense of excitement. As you unveil our miniatures you will be greeted with a character card specific to your order with a high-quality piece of artwork – the drawing from which the 3D characters were forged.

Finally, the customer will see the all-important sprue of the model. Like the packaging and character art, the level of quality is of utmost importance. Manufactured from high-quality resin and exhibiting strong details and precise fit, our miniatures are simple, and a delight to put together.

We thrive on seeing our customer’s visions of our characters, with their unique paint schemes, and encourage them all to publicise their masterpieces so that we may share them on social media.

Since launching, what miniature do the masses go wild for?

We are delighted to say that all of our miniatures have been received really well, but our most popular miniature is certainly our latest release, ‘The Goddess’.

A detailed sculpt of one of our gods, and standing upon an intricately designed base depicting a stone floor, her 72mm frame floats above four 32mm scale attendees who reverently kneel below her.

As a design, she is very simple, but when you put her together her gravity-defying appearance and cascading robes create a vision that has become our show stopper. As a miniature, you get five models in one design, each one highly detailed, and with all four attendees also exhibiting subtle differences.

We are immensely proud of her design, and her popularity in being shipped to countries all over the world.

Every miniature needs painting – any tips for painting yours?

Painting miniatures really has come to the fore – whether that be airbrush or paintbrush, the level of skill out there is outstanding.

As for myself, I look on with envy at the talent that so many people (and your readers no doubt) have. I’m a huge fan of the dry bush technique personally (laughs), but I am constantly reading up and watching tutorials on perfecting those techniques for NNM ‘non metallic metals’ and lighting to really give that added ‘wow’ factor. I wish I could offer more painting tips myself – for now I’ll have to stick to the creative design side of things and manufacture more items for everyone to paint… I’d like to think that all of our minis lend themselves well to any skill set – from novice to master, just pick up a brush and let your imaginations run wild.

What are your plans for the future?

We had some great success at UK Games Expo and Roll Dice Gaming recently, and are excited to be exhibiting at some more shows in 2019 – Tabletop Gaming Live, Warfare, and Dragonmeet as well as many more planned for 2020.

Our most commonly asked question at the expos that we did this year was: “Are you developing any games with these characters?”, and we are delighted to confirm that we are!

For Mortals’ Reckoning, we are writing and developing our first RPG game, allowing players to immerse themselves completely in our world. Our cast of characters is also ever-growing and we will be introducing you to a selection of new personalities soon. Keep a lookout for our hero’s debut, as well as gods, demons, beasts, and more.

Our second IP, Celestial Affinity, sees the introduction of an expanded cast of demons (to be released imminently), as well as the unveiling of the first of a cast of hero vampires, werewolves and humans.

What games are you playing at the moment?

Aside from continual playtests of our own creations (laughs), and when we actually get any spare time, many a night has been spent playing ‘Descent’, as well as some good old fashioned Warhammer and 40k. My Space Wolves thirst for more blood of the Heretic and Xenos, whilst my fantasy chaos army continue their never-ending march following the ambitions of Archaon.

If we’ve whet your appetite and you want to find out more about Cerberus Studios, or fancy getting your hands on one (or more) of their minis, head over to https://www.cerberus-studios.com where you’ll find the full range.