#MiniatureMonday – Warploque Miniatures

In our new monthly feature, aptly named #MiniatureMonday’s, we speak to some of the tabletop gaming industry’s leading miniature makers about their creations and how they got into the world of RPGs.

If you’ve read our Kickstarter focus on Warploque Miniatures’ ArcWorlde, you’ll know we’re big fans of both the game and the miniatures that come with it. After meeting Alex Huntley, the mastermind behind this fantasy world, at ChillCon earlier this year, it was a no brainer that we had to feature him for #MiniatureMondays. So here it is, our interview with Alex, founder and chief sculptor at Warploque Miniatures.

Tell us a bit more about Warploque Miniatures.

Warploque Miniatures is a British tabletop games company, that sells unique fantasy miniatures for gamers, collectors and painters. I’ve been selling miniatures through Warploque since I was at school, but things really started to kick off in 2013 after the launch of the 1st Edition of ArcWorlde on Kickstarter. The business comprises of myself, the sculptor, artist and game designer, my dad Rob who is our resin caster, and my mum Dawn who does a great job of keeping up with the orders, emails and shipping.

What sort of miniatures do you make?

Warploque currently has two ranges – ArcWorlde and Warp Team Fantasy Football (WTFF), but both are linked by an artistic style and fantasy theme. Our miniatures are cast in both white metal and fine resin, and at (roughly) 32mm Heroic scale.

Tell us more about ArcWorlde. What’s the premise? 

ArcWorlde: Second Edition is a new narrative battle game that allows you to play out exciting story-driven scenarios on the tabletop. Players use their wits, tactical skill and outside-of-the-box creative thinking to play fun and memorable clashes between heroes, warbands and monsters in a game that is quick, engaging and easy to learn. Once you’ve got to grips with the core mechanics, you’ll be able to customise your Warbands with new items and equipment, link your games in narrative campaigns and even create amazing custom actions and gaming moments for your Characters with the new Feat System.

Tell us a little bit about how you got into sculpting? I understand your Dad is involved too?

I’ve always been into all things creative, even when I was small. However, I was first enticed into the wonderful world of wargaming when the Lord of the Rings magazines were released by Games Workshop, and after then moving on to Warhammer I never looked back! Even since I was about 11 or 12 I was customising miniatures. converting my own unique characters from plastic and metal kits. I started faffing about with green stuff to help this process, sculpting a cloak here, a different arm there, and eventually, I worked my way up to making whole models! My parents became more involved with Warploque after the 2013 Kickstarter, as we were all shocked at how viral and massive it had gotten. It was actually after Salute 2014 that my dad suggested ‘having a go at resin casting’, mainly to save me a few quid, and he’s now easily one of the finest casters in the indie wargaming scene.

What makes your miniatures different to other products on the market?

I’ve been told by many of my customers that my miniatures have an extremely distinct characterised style, many likening it to such illustrators as Paul Kidby of Discworld fame, and Brian Froud. One of the benefits of being the sole sculptor and illustrator at Warploque is that this style is consistent throughout my ranges, and people have told me that they can tell an ArcWorlde or WTFF mini a mile off! Another thing I’ve been told marks my range out is the monsters, which personally I love sculpting. My Trolls and Dragons are some of my most popular miniatures, and I have many collectors who buy only those!

Every miniature needs painting – any tips for painting yours? 

Oooooh painting tips? I’d say lots of washes of thinned down Citadel Base paints. I find that the matt, high pigmented washes really help blend layers of colour together.

What are your plans for the future?

How long do we have? Since the ArcWorlde: Second Edition launch has been so successful, I have many more Factions and monsters in the pipeline for you all. As for WTFF, there are a few team ideas I have floating around, but figuring out when to do them is tricky. I’ve only one pair of hands!

What games are you playing at the moment?

You think I have time to play games? Aha! In the past few months I’ve dabbled in DnD, which I’ve really enjoyed, but (at the moment) most of my dice rolling has been demoing, or play testing, ArcWorlde!

ArcWorlde: Second Edition is on Kickstarter until 24 October 2019. For more information about this and other titles from Warploque Miniatures visit