Warploque releases new Imperial faction models and more

With Christmas right around the corner, the folks at Warploque Miniatures have announced some brand new releases for its ArcWorlde setting and a few other fun surprises too.

ArcWorlde is a narrative-driven battle game, which we’re big fans of here at Polaroids and Polar Bears. Not only does the game play incredibly well, but the miniatures are also perhaps some of the best craftmanship we’ve seen in a long time. For a full lowdown on the game, check out our interview with Alex, founder of Warploque Miniatures here.

Warploque releases new 3D print files on its Patreon every month, however, for Christmas they’ve announced a range of new models, including the recent Imperial Faction release from Kickstarter.

If you’ve picked up the game already, I’m sure you’re looking to add something new to your favourite factions. Well, as part of the new releases, each faction has a brand new Elite, allowing you to bolster your team with some extra fire power.

The pièce de résistance however is the titanic Swamp Wyvern. Cast in fine resin, this behemoth comes unpainted and sits on a 120mm base, providing a real challenge for your factions. If you want to try and get this bad boy before Christmas though, you’ll need to place the order quickly, as each miniature is cast specifically to order.

If you’re looking for a quick game for the family on Christmas Day though, why not grab a copy of Troggle Trumps. Inspired by the classic Top Trumps, this 30 card set includes a clear plastic case, and rules how to play. A perfect stocking filler for a young family member, or even just for yourself!

To grab yourself a Christmas treat (or two) head over to www.warploqueminiatures.com and make sure to make the most of the free shipping offers while it lasts.