Magic The Gathering Jumpstart

Jumpstart your way into Magic: The Gathering with new release

This year, Wizards of the Coast launches Jumpstart, a new way to experience and play Magic: The Gathering, which throws you straight into the action without having to build a deck.

Launching later this year, Jumpstart features over 500 cards from throughout MtG’s 27-year history, as well as 37 brand new cards, such as Tinybones, Trinket Thief and Neiyth of the Dire Hunt. 150 cards are from Core Set 2021, and more than 400 reprints are from sets before Core Set 2021.

Designed to be played quickly and easily, Jumpstart provides players with a way to pick-up-and-play Magic. No assembly or deck building will be required, with players opening two packs of cards and combining them to create the deck they play with that time, allowing for over 100 combinations of themed cards and making each game a surprise.

The new set is now available digitally through the Magic: The Gathering Arena video game, now newly available for Mac on the Epic Games Store, as well as a standalone download for Windows, and will release physically later this year. A full list of Jumpstart cards can be found here

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