The Dovakin come to tabletops this spring as Modiphius releases the core rulebook and a scenario for Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms free to download

The Call to Arms Rulebook, Escape from Helgen scenario book and additional Quests book are all available to download now from and DriveThruRPG.

We reported on Call to Arms back in May 2019, when we picked up our own Dragonborn miniature from UK Games Expo. The game is the first time that Tamriel has hit tabletops and the Core Rulebook provides you with everything you need to explore the vast landscape.

The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Core Rule Book

From the teeming cities of Cyrodiil to the towering mountains of Skyrim, across the ash-plains of Morrowind, and through the steaming swamps of Black Marsh, you must lead your Party of bold warriors on the path to glory. In this game, you must select a mighty champion to lead your Party, surrounding them with heroes and staunch followers. Players can take on quests, unearth magical artifacts, and fight roaming monsters as they do battle against their opponent, using a combination of strength, stealth and magic to win the day. Call to Arms is a simple game to learn, but a challenge to master; your Party can be assembled in an almost endless variety of ways, each unlocking new tactics and abilities with which to test your skill as a commander and challenge your enemies.

The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms – Escape from Helgen

This FREE PDF contains basic tutorials for those who are new to tabletop wargames. The Rulebook contains the full rules, while the Quest Book contains scenarios that structure your gaming experience. This booklet leaves out the full tactical complexity of the game in order to ease you into the adventure, one mail-shod step at a time.Experienced tabletop wargamers may prefer to dive straight into the Rulebook, whereas brand new players are encouraged to start here, learning the game step-by- step. At each stage, once you feel you’ve got the idea, feel free to move on to the next tutorial.The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is played by moving and exploring with the models under your control, and attacking and defending against the enemy. As you play, you’ll be looking to complete Quests and claim battlefield Objectives in order to score points and assure victory.

The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Quests book

Welcome to Tamriel – a realm of adventure and wonder. Where danger lies around every corner and where fame and fortune await the bold. It is a realm you can enter today, if you have the courage to answer the Call to Arms! This Quest Book is the gateway to starting your adventure in Tamriel! It contains additional rules to those found in the Rulebook. Here you will learn about the different Game Modes, where you can battle with your friends or take on the wilds of Tamriel alone. Most importantly, you will find numerous ready-to-play scenarios, providing tactical challenges and narrative adventure for your games!

This 44 page Quests books contains 12 x scenarios: 6 x Battle Mode and 6 x Delve Scenarios.

The Core Rulebook and Escape from Helgen are free now, while the Quests book is just £4 – an absolute bargain. To get your copies now, head over to the Modiphius website or to DriveThruRPG.

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